POTD 1/4/13: Kobe Bryant on Chris Paul

As I noted in my summary of Kobe Bryant’s incredible duel with Chris Paul, the following dunk was just one of Mamba’s many statement plays from Friday night.  Personally, I think I most enjoyed the Iverson-esque crossover he used to shake free from Matt Barnes and drain a clutch 20-footer… but the dunk is definitely a close second thanks in large part to the shock factor involved in seeing a 34-year-old exhibit such hangtime.  I think Kobe caught everyone but himself off guard with this one…

As much as I enjoyed this two-handed jam from Bradley Beal, I just had to give the ol’ boy his due.  When a 17-year veteran comes through with a dunk like this (which was actually impressive for a player of any age — note the extension, the power, the distance), that’s something special.  Never get old, Kobe.

Dunk rating on the Starbury Nastiness Scale:


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Throwback Poster of the Day: This is one of those plays where you almost can knock the hustle.  The only man back in a three-on-one break featuring MJ and Scottie, Travis Best should’ve known he didn’t stand a chance…

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