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12 Responses to Contact

  1. Dad says:

    Yes, I did have a great nights sleep. To bad the Lakers got back on the winning track tonight and one of my 29 favorite teams potentially is now out of the hunt do to injury.

  2. Dad says:

    I’m surprised you like Tyler Hansborough. I also love his work ethic and hustle and believe he will turn out to be a valuable player to any team. Also, he works the boards hard and will always put up decent rebound numbers.

    I checked out Delonte’s block. Great play!

    I’m off to work.


  3. Brick105 says:

    Love the blog, hate the shirt son. Have bums wear ‘m for free publicity.

  4. Jake says:

    Hey man, I love this website and I have it bookmarked and read it daily during the season. I’m really interested in making my own website and was just wondering how you made your’s and all the information around that.

    I would really appreciate the response, Thank you.

  5. Girlfriend says:

    Happy NBA Appreciation Day! I LOVE you :*

  6. REMF says:

    hey! those shoes on “Nike Zoom LeBron 20-5-5 size 9.5 $75 shipped” is still available? please PM me asap. thanks.

  7. Dad says:

    Maybe Jayson needs an O.J. hair cut!

  8. Dad says:

    Who are you rooting for tonight? Denver or Minnesota. Should be another excellent game. I can’t wait for Denver to get healthy again.


  9. Girlfriend says:

    I like my boyfriend`s website! :) Good job boyfriend! I love you! :*

  10. Ced says:

    STROSHOW! Nice website buddy. I remember you had some CBA stats going on a while ago, I came here hoping you had soem T-Mac in China stats.

    Anyway, the website is looking tight.

    • Stephen Coston says:

      T-Mac is averaging over 30 PPG, but his team is 0-2. If you scroll back a little bit there’s a short post about his first game from a few days ago.

  11. lt ice cream says:

    Nice blog. I like it a lot, you should try to get some more publicity.

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