You Can Get Money With Stephen Jackson, But You’ve Got To Act Right. Ya Dig?

We in Port Arthur right now.  The same block I been on my whole life.  Same street, same garage, all of that.  But it’s the n!@&#s who out here hatin’ for no reason, I ain’t f@ckin’ witchu, bruh!  That’s not cool, bruh!  You mad ’cause I ain’t f@ckin’ witchu, I ain’t never f@cked withchu… that’s exactly whatchu mad at, but ch’all shoulda been used to it cause we ain’t neva f@ck around anyway!  But don’t hate on me ’cause I’m doin’ somethin’ you can’t do… and I’m doin’ it!  That’s not cool, bro.  We can get this money together, butchu gotta act right.  You gotta act right.  Err’body f@ck wit’ me, why don’t you try… ya dig?

I am in my hometown, like some of you NBA playas can’t go home witcho jewelry on, can’t drive yo’ nice cars home, you can’t be comfy at home ’cause you’s a mark…
n!@&#… ’cause you got caught up in that basketball sh!t, playin’ wit’chaself, all that
n!@&#… you know who i’m talkin’ to… NBA cats if you feel like I’m talkin’ to you it’s you.  Ya dig?  All y’all be sittin’ back dere like boy da n!@&# Jack crazy, you my
n!@&#, but the ones sittin’ there talkin’ ’bout…….yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout’chu n!@&#.  Keep it real n!@&#.  Play da game don’t let the game play you n!@&#.  Get the money, f@ck the fame.  Ya dig?

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