POTD 1/7/13: JJ Hickson on DeQuan Jones & Andrew Nicholson

Currently, there are three players tied for second in the NBA in double-doubles.  Do you know who they are?  Odds are that you do.  Predictably, perennial top-10 fixtures Dwight Howard and David Lee make up two thirds of the answer, and the third player… well, he would’ve been the one to trip you up, but he’s obviously the subject of the post.

Last night, JJ Hickson recorded his 20th double-double of the season, tying him with Lee and Howard.  It was his 10th consecutive double-double at the Rose Garden, the most by any Blazer since 1982, according to the Mikes.  More notably, he’s the NBA’s fifth-leading rebounder nearly midway through the season.  Hickson’s hard work on the glass has helped make Portland a playoff contender despite the their lack of a true center, and it also figures to make the 24-year-old forward a coveted player this offseason, when he will become a free agent.

JJ Hickson, my friends, is about to get PAID.  And in the meantime, he’s just going to dunk the ball in your face.

Honorable mention to Kevin Durant, who crisscrossed Trevor Ariza and sort of dunked on Jan Vesely.

Dunk rating on the Starbury Nastiness Scale:


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Throwback Poster of the Day: Gerald Green gets up so much higher and quicker than Rashard Lewis that Lewis nearly avoids being dunked on…

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