In Case You Haven’t Noticed, OJ Mayo Got An Awesome Haircut

This past Thursday, OJ Mayo went to the barber shop.  I wasn’t there, but I’m pretty damn sure he asked for the Rakim.  That would make Juice’s new fade about four months older than he is, as Paid In Full was released on July 7th of 1987.  Way to do your homework, OJ.

Seriously though, this haircut struck me as a sight for sore eyes.  In an era where it’s cool to rap like an emotional Canadian dude and dress like Steve Urkel… it’s just refreshing to see something straight out of, f@ck it, a flat-out better time in both hip hop music and culture.

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Thank you, OJ, for reminding me that the strong connection between hip hop and basketball is basically what made me fall in love with the game in the first place.  Sometimes I wish the two would get a f@cking divorce these days.  I suppose I need to accept the fact that it’ll never be 2000 again and move the hell on.

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