Reggie Evans Drives A Swagged-Out Donk

All of that dirty work Reggie Evans has done over the course of his 10-year NBA career sure has allowed him to ride clean as a whistle.  You’d never know he averaged a career high of 5.9 points per game way back in 2006, or went undrafted in 2002, or attended community college in the wheat fields of Kansas when he comes rolling down your street in this old-school drop top bumpin’ whatever it is that Reggie Evans bumps.  He’s a Florida native, so I’m thinking it would probably be some Ricky Ross or somethin’.  Swag.

Official –Swag-O-Meter– Rating:


Best NBA whip since Darius Miles pulled up in this at some sort of Jail Blazer convention.  I discovered the vehicle via Reggie’s Twitter, by the way.  I highly recommend following him… pretty entertaining fella.  You should follow me too–if you don’t already–@NBA247OFFICIAL.

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