POTD 1/20/12: Nick Young On Kosta Koufos

POTD presents quite a few tough decisions, but normally I can find some way to justify one dunk being better than another.  Not today, though.  Yesterday evening, Nick Young soared past Kosta Koufus for a basline one-hander, and Javale McGee drove on Timofey Mozgov for one of those freaky dunks that only he has arms long enough to pull off.  You’ve gotta love the athleticism displayed by Nick on his jam, but the unique aspects of McGee’s dunk aren’t to be taken lightly either.  I couldn’t make a decison; these dunks are different, but equal to me.  So, I went to flip a coin, but I realized that wasn’t gonna work. If I did that one of them would have to be heads, and they both play basketball as if they’re headless.  So, I rolled the dice instead.  I did odds and evens… Javale was odd because, well, he’s odd.  I rolled a Stromile Swift, Nick Young wins.  Hope that’s cool with you, readers.

Love the dunk!  Don’t love the weak contest by Koufos, but love the dunk.  That’s some serious extension… the type that looks like it could hurt a normal human being’s back.  Not only do most basketball players not jump like that, most of ‘em don’t bend like that.  The ability to contort one’s body–it’s an underrated aspect of slam dunking.  It not Vince’s ups alone that make him the GOAT.

Dunk rating on the Starbury Nastiness Scale:

8/10 Starbury Nasty Faces

2011/12 Daily Poster Stats

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