POTD 1/13/12: Jrue Holiday On Jan Vesely

Hey Jan, remember how I told you not to sweat it last time?  You know, the thing about how every rookie needs to be formally welcomed to the NBA?  While this is true, it doesn’t mean you have to go out there and get banged on every night.  Also, try not to let the little guys get you.  That can be particularly demoralizing, and your coach won’t be very happy with you if you continue to allow them to finish at the rack without laying the wood on ‘em.  That means to foul them, by the way.  I know we’re working with a bit of a language barrier here.

Bench reaction of the year so far?  I think so.  Take a look at these hilarious screenshots of Spencer Hawes.  That’s one of the best nasty faces since Steph! 

Dunk rating on the Starbury Spencer Hawes Nastiness Scale:

8/10 Spencer Hawes Nasty Faces

2011/12 Daily Poster Stats

Throwback Poster of the Day: Kobe Bryant alley-oops on Viktor Khryapa…

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