Poster of the Day 5/15/11: Taj Gibson on Dwyane Wade

Taj Gibson emphatically removes the lid from Chicago’s basket with this two-handed facial on Chi-Town’s own Dwyane Wade…


Welcome home, Dwyane!  Nothing’s changed, sh!t is still rough up there in the Windy City!  Note the near-dotted-line takeoff, and how Gibson is still a solid five feet from the basket when he collides with Wade.  He dunked that ball through Dwyane.  Now, the knock on this dunk is that Wade is a 6’4 shooting guard.  Well, I counter that with the fact that Wade has the wingspan of an albatross and just might be the greatest shot-blocking SG of all-time.  This was a filthy dunk, plain and simple.  The fact that it came in a contest where buckets had been so hard to come by made it seem that much more authoratative, too.  Gibson was on that will not be denied plan, and I’m confident that he would’ve slammed that over anyone on the Miami Heat’s roster.  Hell, Wade must be right up there with the team’s leading shotblockers anyway–like I said, he swats more than his fair share. 

Dunk rating on the Starbury Nastiness Scale:

10/10 Starbury Nasty Faces.

2010/11 Daily Poster Stats.

Throwback Poster of the Day: Marvin Williams dunks all over a future teammate back in his HS days…

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