Washington Wizards Go Retro With New Look

No, they haven’t changed their name back to the Bullets, but I suppose they’ve done the next best thing, and in doing so found a way to generate some buzz during the postseason!  How clever of them.  Anyway, take a look at their brand new unis for the upcoming 2011/12 season, which were just revealed about a half hour ago…

A modern twist on an oldschool classic… I like them.  I like the new alternate logo that you can see on the back, too.  The only thing that sucks about this is that the Wizards were one of the few teams who’s jerseys I actually still liked.  I always thought that weird shade of blue with the gold and white lettering looked really cool, and I liked the fonts they used.  Oh well, these are great too… I just wish some of these other teams that have the WNBA-like jerseys would’ve been the ones to make the change instead. 

I’m really enthused by the fact that these jerseys have a normal neck.  Every f@cking time a team gets new uniforms these days, they give the jerseys that WNBA-style fruity “v-neck.”  No, this is not a v-neck… these have a v-neck–one that is acceptable for a man to wear.  I would’ve preferred a rounded neck like the classic Bullets jerseys, but that would be asking way too much of a league currently full of some of the most terrible jersey designs I’ve ever seen.

Oh, if there’s anybody out there who actually wants to spend some cash on a Washington Wizards jersey, these are for sale on the Wizards’ website.  It doesn’t seem that there are any authentics available yet, but they’ve got the swingman ones for those of you who are willing to drop 70 or 80 bucks on a replica (stop doing that. Go authentic or go home).

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