Wednesday Notebook, Featuring The Miami Heat

  • The Heat remain the only team in the league able to flip the switch at a moments notice. They have the highest third quarter net rating in the NBA and their net rating of 30.2 in clutch situations (less than five minutes remaining, margin of five) is also at the top of the league. Yes, at the end of close games they are outscoring their opponents by around 30 points per 100 possessions. They showed this on Sunday as they quickly pulled away from the Lakers in the fourth quarter (this has actually been a pattern throughout their six-game win streak; they’ve built and expanded leads late in four of the six victories).
  • Tristan Thompson joins an elite group of players.
  • Kyle Korver is one of the best three point shooters in the league and has thrived in Atlanta. Robby Kalland takes a look at how the Hawks are using Korver.
  • The Warriors net rating (offensive rating – defensive rating) is below that of a .500 team when Jarrett Jack is off the court. Thus, their four straight losses without Jack were no coincidence. His return wasn’t quite enough to snap the streak against Houston, but his return to full health should coincide with sustained Warriors success.
  • Steve McPherson of Hardwood Paroxysm profiles everyone’s favorite 35-year-old Argentinian rookie, Pablo Prigioni.
  • Andre Drummond is rehabbing his injured back in a creative way.
  • Kawhi Leonard is allowing a mere 32% shooting in ISOs against him.
  • A number of Western Conference all-stars are presently out of commission with the break quickly approaching. Who might replace them? Rob Mahoney ranks ‘em
  • Mike Prada breaks open the Spurs’ playbook.
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