NBA247365.COM Video Podcast, Episode 3: LIVE!

Welcome, everyone, to the weekly NBA247365.COM video podcast, episode three!  For this edition I, Stephen Coston, will be joined by a couple of guests.  Returning once again is NBA247365.COM/ESPN True Hoop Network contributor Jacob Frankel (@jacob_frankel), and making his first appearance is Jacob Greenberg from The Diss (@jacobjbg).  So, join Jacob, Jacob, and I as we discuss the best games of the weekend, make up a few trades, pick winners for the upcoming All-Star Saturday festivities, and much, much more!  We go live at 11:25 Eastern.

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3 Responses to NBA247365.COM Video Podcast, Episode 3: LIVE!

  1. I feel bad that even when watching a video podcast, I’m hoping someone falls so I can yell ” HOLDING HIS KNEE, HOLDING HIS KNEE AND DOWN!” But I am looking forward to Jacob and Jacob in the Night Time

  2. niokis says:

    Proud of my Celtics, daily.

    Anyway, I didn’t watch it all… It’s becoming Joe Rogan

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