Saturday Morning Links, Featuring LeBron James

Yahoo: LeBron has gone and done something I figured he wouldn’t be doing as a member of the Miami Heat, and that is win his third Most Valuable Player award.  LeBron becomes only the eighth player to win three MVPs, and although my first-place vote probably would’ve gone to Chris Paul on account of the role he played in making an eternally-lottery-bound franchise relevant, I’m not going to sit here and tell you LeBron isn’t deserving.  He had an outstanding season, he’s the best player in the NBA, and that’s all there is to it.  My reasoning for choosing someone else as MVP simply resides in my personal interpretation of the award.

Eye On Basketball: The internet rushed to judgment when Chris Andersen’s house was recently searched by a Crimes Against Children Unit, but Andersen’s lawyer claims that the Birdman has done nothing wrong, and he has an explanation which involves an angry young woman.  Andersen’s camp is obviously a biased source of information, but let’s just reserve judgment and hope they’re being truthful here.  It seems we’ll have to wait at least three weeks to find out for sure.

Clipper Blog: Choose your own Clipper disaster, and read a fantastic recap of last night’s game while you do so (it’s such an awesome recap post that I couldn’t even begin to write my own, which would’ve been put to shame).  Unfortunately, with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin hobbled, I think the folks at Clipper Blog may have to creatively cope with elimination.

Three Shades Of Blue: A recap of last night’s game from the perspective of a Grizzlies fan.  I’ve been looking at the series from a Clipper point of view because they’re one of the teams I followed closely all season long, so I figured I ought to link you to something more… Memphis, if you will.  After all, it looks like the momentum in this thrilling series has shifted in their favor.

Youtube: You will click this because you want to watch Zach Randolph get Z-Bounds, and slam dunk.

Ball Don’t Lie: Referee Mark Davis was the happiest person on Earth when Randy Foye and Caron Butler fumbled that rebound out of bounds, basically assuring a Memphis victory.  He probably would’ve had a price on his head had the game been any closer.  I think it’s safe to say that one will be rescinded.

Pro Basketball Talk: Remember my rant about the officiating in Celtics/Hawks game six?  Yeah?  Well the NBA has admitted that they done f@cked up, at least on the late-fourth-quarter inbound play.  The league should probably go back and take a look at the first 47 minutes, too.

OC Register: Yet another recap of last night’s game, but this one ties in heavy criticism of Andrew Bynum.  I think that makes it my favorite.

NBA.COM: So, NBA fan, you think the Clippers flop more than any other team in the association?  Frank Vogel disagrees.  You’d also consider the Pacers an underdog in their upcoming second-round bout with the Heat?  Vogel disagrees with you there, too.  Basically, Frank Vogel just generally disagrees with you, NBA fan.

The Basketball Jones: Carlos Boozer thinks he and the Bulls had a good season, yo.  How could he possibly believe that, you ask?  Well, according to Boozer, the first-round exit doesn’t matter.  It’s the regular season records, division titles, and the Eastern Conference seedings that really count.

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