The Paul Silas Facepalm Timeline: A Photographic Description Of Charlotte’s Season

Paul Silas’s ’11/12 Charlotte Bobcats have stumbled their way through a season so disastrous that they find themselves just seven losses away from making history.  Fifty-nine games into this lockout-shortened, 66-game campaign the Bobcats stand at 7-52 (.119).  If they go on to lose out they’ll pass the nine-win 76ers of 1972/73 (.110) for the worst all-time winning percentage.  The struggling ‘Cats are currently mired in a 16-game losing streak that’s seen them fall to the Wizards by 28, the Sixers by 25, and the Pistons by 24.  They give up over 100 points per game, their opponents shoot nearly 52% from the floor, and their average margin of -13.4 is twice as bad as that of the next closest team (the one that just beat them by 28).  Their epic degree of ineptitude is truly difficult to put into words, which is why I give to you the Paul Silas facepalm timeline. Consider it Charlotte’s season, in photos…

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10 Responses to The Paul Silas Facepalm Timeline: A Photographic Description Of Charlotte’s Season

  1. niokulis says:

    I call BS. He was smiling

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  4. tom says:

    add this to the timeline : after loss to hornets tonight

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