Anderson Varejao Does His Best Magic Johnson Impersonation

Early on in what would end up becoming an eight-point loss to the Utah Jazz, Anderson Varejao decided to try his hand at running the point.  Surprisingly, things were going pretty well until he was ironically burned by that damn “pass and crash” rule that he so often takes advantage of.  I suppose that serves the notorious flopper right, but I must admit, I was impressed by his open-court spin move and the creative dish that followed.

If Kyrie Irving, Ramon Sessions, and Boobie Gibson were all to get hurt, ejected, or foul out, we now know who would take over the ball handling duties.  I don’t wish injury on any player for any reason, but Anderson Varejao at the point is something I’d definitely like to see more of.  Please, Byron?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anderson Varejao, the Magic Mop

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