CBA Recap, December 16th: Chandler Defeats Former Teammate Martin

Guangsha 102, Xinjiang 92: Patty Mills was blazing hot early on, scoring 12 of his 39 points in just 10 minutes as he made 6 of his first 8 shots, but even at that point Xinjiang was unable to build up a solid lead.  Then, with two minutes to go in the first and Wilson Chandler on the bench, Guangsha got it going and never looked back.  They came back to take a two-point lead at the end of the quarter, and after some crazy back-and-forth action at the start of the second quarter they were able to ride Peter John Ramos to an eight-point halftime lead.  Ramos played excellent ball in the first half, scoring 12 of his 14 points on 5-7 from the field.  It would be Wilson Chandler’s turn in the second stanza, and particularly the fourth quarter.  Xinjiang put Chandler’s former teammate Kenyon Martin on him, which seemed to make him want to shoot.  He started off with a couple of misses but eventually proceeded to essentially take the game over.  He scored the first two buckets of a 12-0 Guangsha run that extended their five-point lead to 17.  Wilson didn’t shoot well overall–just 11 for 28–but he came up huge down the stretch and finished with 31 points and 13 boards, both team highs.


^^That was only the second-best highlight of the game.  During some crazy second-quarter action, 7’3 Peter John Ramos dribbled coast-to-coast before dishing a no-look pass which led to a dunk.  It was as awesome as it sounds, trust me.  Based on his size, skill, athletic ability, and the impact he has on these games in comparison to other NBA-caliber players, Ramos belongs in the big boy league. 

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Kenyon Martin did nothing in this game.  I’m not talking his typical nothing, either.  I’m talking 8 points on 4-11.  Yikes.

Shandong 107, Zhejiang 94: JR Smith started this game on the bench, Zhejiang fell behind, and they never got over the hump.  JR nailed a three from, jesus, I don’t even know… it was deep… from DENVER to make it a four-point game just before halftime, but that’s as close as I ever saw the Golden Bulls get.  So, despite JR’s 41 points, 5 boards, and 4 assists, Zhejiang loses their second in a row to a sub-.500 team.  Shandong’s Alan Anderson was excellent with 28 points on 19 shots, and Othello “double-double” Hunter was just as good with 25/10.  Hunter attempted to destroy the rim on numerous occasions.

Qindago 103, Jiangsu 86: Well sh!t, Lester Hudson and Qindago have got themselves a winning streak!  Lester only had to score 26 points to make it happen as three other Qindago players contributed 15 or more.  Jiangsu got 27/12 from Jackson Vroman, 23 from a dude named Meng Da, and a whole lot of nothing from everyone else.  Everyone else most notably includes Marcus “laptops” Williams, who scored 4 points on 1-10.

Bayi 101, Foshan 96: Wang Zhizhi made an incredible 10 of 13 shots as he dropped 22 for Bayi.  This win puts the Rockets at 6-4 while the loss for Foshan makes them 3-8.  Cutting Gerald Green still doesn’t appear to have accomplished anything, but it did allow him to sign on with the Lakers (non-guaranteed deal, though)!

Beijing 107, Tianjin 101: Stephon Marbury wasn’t about to let last round’s bye throw a monkey wrench into Beijing’s now 11-0 season.  Starbury was as in-rhythm as ever with 35/5/5, and Randolph Morris was pretty good himself with 21/10.  Donnell Harvey and David Harrison got their numbers (26/15, 20/13 respectively), but Tianjin remains the worst team in the league with yet another loss.

Jilin 90, Fujian 82: Cartier Martin messed around and got a triple-double as his Tigers took the W.  His 27 points, 11 boards, and 10 assists led the team in all three categories, and the dude only took 12 shots.  Incredible line right there.  Will McDonald led Fujian with 28.

Dongguan 117, Liaoning 95: Dongguan bounced back from having their six-game winning streak snapped by beating the hell out of the Carney crew.  Rodney was actually alright in the loss with 21 points, as was Josh Powell with 20/10, but neither one of ‘em were as nice as Shavlik Randolph, who put up 32/10.  Josh Akognon scored 28 points and dished 10 assists.

Shanghai 92, Shanxi 90: Break up the Shanghai Sharks, they’ve won two in a row!  Following a win over the Xinjiang Flying Tigers, the Sharks were able to escape with a two-point W thanks to Mike Harris’s 30 points and 11 rebounds.  He was able to out-play his counterpart, Charles Gaines, who had 21/13.  Huge effort from Harris.

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  2. Mildred Mascarenas says:

    One last detail I forgot to leave for K-Mart. If @ all possible he could bring me back one of hs Jerseys and his shoes that he used in China I would GREATLY APPRICATE IT. My K-Mart room of fame would have a special place for both of them.

    Yours Truly
    Your #1 Fan Millie

  3. Mildred Mascarenas says:

    One last request that I forgot to ask K-Mart. If at all possible, I would love for you to send me or save me a Jersey and a pair of shoes that you have worn in China.. My K-Mart room of fame would have a *SPECIAL* place for them

    Yours Truly
    Your #1 Fan Millie

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