JR Smith’s Knee Injury Is NOT Serious

Finally, we can all stop holding our breath!  An actual doctor–not Smith’s dad–has looked at JR’s knee and come forward with some results; positive results!  The nasty-looking knee injury Smith suffered in his CBA debut will not keep him on the shelf for long.  My online translator didn’t do a perfect job, but I’ve gathered from this Sina Sports article that JR will be just fine.  From the translated version…

After knowing this result, JR Smith also indicated during the interview: “I felt that now was much better, doctor told me, my injury is not very serious, I felt that I…can restore very quickly… Then I will return to Zhejiang immediately with the team…, I hope that will continue to [play] this season for Zhejiang.”

Like I said, hardly a clean translation.  It’s good enough to get the key points across, though!  JR’s fine and he’ll be heading back to Zhejiang to join his team immediately.  According to the same article, it is not yet known whether or not JR will play in Zhejiang’s next game, which tips off in approximately six hours.  I’ll be watching the game live, so I’ll let you know ASAP.

Update: JR is playing in this morning’s game, which is the home opener for Zhejiang.  He didn’t start, but he’s in the game now.  He entered with 9:30 to go in the second quarter.  Zhejiang already had a 34-18 lead when he checked in.  He’s missed his first two shots (both threes), but appears to be moving just fine.

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