5/3/11: Thunder Even Up Series, Celtics Fall Back 0-2

It’s Wednesday, and I’m sure you know the deal by now… I’ll have to keep this brief.  The good news is that my last class is next week, so my Mondays and Wednesday’s won’t be messed up anymore.  I am starting a full-time job soon, though, so I’m not really sure how this is going to work.  Buy a t-shirt so I can quit!

I didn’t see the entirety of the BOS @ MIA game.  In fact, I didn’t see most of it.  That’s alright with me, though… game one was so goddamn ugly at times I felt like I was watching college ball, and you all know how I feel about that sh!t, so I wasn’t too excited about another two and a half hours of Heat/Celtics, to be perfectly honest with you.  I did happen to glance up at the screen long enough to catch the flop of all flops from none other than Rajon Rondo.  Somehow it didn’t make it to Youtube, but I’m going to assume you all know which one I’m talking about… the one right before halftime.  No?  Well, here’s a brief description: he brushed up against LeBron out by halfcourt, dove on the floor, and launched an underhand “shot” towards the basket.  It was bad… like so bad that it’s right up there with this on my all-time list of hilariously shameful dives.  So, I was happy when LeBron James flattened him like a steamroller and the officials allowed it to go uncalled…

Yep, that pretty much made my NBA day.  Rondo got straight up obliterated on that play, but that’s what he gets for floppin’ like a fish, then trying to stop the human freight train.  The ownage on the play (and the game in general, I believe) was so brutal that Danny Ainge could hardly stand to watch…

LeBron finished up with 35 points and seven boards… D-Wade added 28, and Chris Bosh dropped 17 in the 102-91 Miami victory.  The three of them out-scored Boston’s entire starting lineup by 16, and matched the combined offensive outputs of Rondo, Pierce, Allen, Garnett, O’Neal, Davis, and West. 

Yeah… it isn’t looking good, Danny.  If it makes you feel any better, I won’t be one of the many who will blame you for the whole debacle.  Moving right along…

Do I have to write about OKC’s 111-102 win over the Grizzlies?  I really don’t want to, because it’s going to require that I give Kendrick Perkins a little credit, and I don’t feel like doing that this afternoon (or any other afternoon, for that matter).  Fine, I’ll man the f@ck up and do it: Perkins helped hold the self-proclaimed unstoppable one to 15 points on just 2-13 from the field.  Randolph wasn’t able to find the range with his J, and his attempts to go hard in da paint didn’t work out much better.  Credit Perkins for being very physical with him (this was an extremely rough game)… the numbers don’t lie, it clearly threw him off his game.  Marc Gasol struggled too… he only had 13 on 3-9.  Z-Bo and Gasol did get to the line an awful lot, but not enough to win the game, and that’s all that matters in the end.  Kevin Durant led OKC with 26, and Westbrook was much better than he was in the opener with 24 of his own, but the story of this game was really the Thunder bench–particularly James Harden and Eric Maynor, who didn’t do a damn thing in game one.  Harden and Maynor combined for OKC’s last 12 points in the first, helping them jump out to a 20-14 lead; a lead they would never give up, if I remember correctly.  Mike Conley gave it his best with 24 on 10-15, but he was the only Grizzly who ever got anything going.  If I’m Memphis, I’m not discouraged, though… OKC shot like 53 percent or some sh!t (a lot of the makes weren’t easy ones, either) and won by just nine.  It would’ve been even closer had a late Shane Battier triple not been wiped off the board due to an offensive foul.  I think the Grizzlies are more than capable of taking both of their home games.  If they do that, they win the series.  Will they get it done?  I’m not sure, but I think they’re good enough.  I hope they get it done… I love this Grizzlies squad.

Oh, and the following has nothing to do with anything, but it’s inclusion is necessary…

The NBA… where… that happens.

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