Michael Beasley Is Having An Estate Sale

It appears that it’s come time for Michael Beasley, who recently signed a three-year contract with the Suns, to move out of his Minnesota mansion.  Oddly, he won’t be packing up a U-Haul and taking his belongings to Phoenix; he’s elected to have an estate sale instead.  Apparently, he plans to stock his new residence with “all new stuff,” which is something I suppose a man can afford to do with a brand new deal worth $18 million.

And yes, the items up for grabs at Michael Beasley’s estate sale are every bit as interesting as you’d expect them to be.  Via Patch.com

Never before have I wished I lived in Minnesota… but I can honestly say Michael Beasley’s estate sale has changed that.  For those of you lucky enough to reside within reasonable distance of this sale, I’ve got directions for you from EstateSales.net.

Address of Sale:
1250 Lyman Avenue
Orono, MN 55391

Directions to Sale:
West onto 394 which turns into hwy 12. Take 112 exit (Long Lake/Orono) and continue to Brown Rd. Left on Brown Rd to Orono Orchard Road. Turn left. You will find road closed signs on Orono orchard road. Go past these signs and you will come upon a gravel road. Continue on to Smith Avenue. Turn left on Smith to Lyman Avenue. Right on Lyman Avenue to sale. Traffic director will be present and will guide your parking on site.

The most interesting sale in the world runs until 3 PM today, but please be forewarned that no sports memorabilia is up for grabs.  Not that that’s what you want.  You want the Ingmar Bergman screenplays, the book on primitive erotic art, and a new set of rims for your truck.

Somehow, Michael Beasley is even weirder than we thought he was.  I love it.

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7 Responses to Michael Beasley Is Having An Estate Sale

  1. Kobe Bryant says:

    you betta sell those tattoo’s while your at it

    “supercoolbee’s” for starters

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  3. Broke Food says:

    This guy is going to go broke real fast after he retires.

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  5. MaliluvsNBA says:

    Was everything under 20 bucks cuz I don’t buy garage sale stuff above that

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