Fresh Photos From China: JR, Wilson, Stephon, And Others!

Reason why the lockout sucks #1,976: no media day.  At least the CBA appears to have had something similar, and it produced some pretty interesting photos.  I only chose 16 to post here, but you can find more at and… that’s where I got ‘em all.  Good luck navigating those sites, though… it’s all in Chinese.  Took me hours to gather these photos.  Click the images to view their full-size version.  Right click and choose to open ‘em in a new tab if you want to stay on the page.





Excellent detail shots of JR and Wilson’s ink.  Hilarious pose from Steph.  The CBA may not be anywhere near the NBA’s level when it comes to basketball, but they’ve got this media day thing all figured out.

The 2011/12 CBA season actually tips off in just a few hours.  Foshan, Gerald Green’s team, will be facing off with Shandong, Stromile Swift’s former team (feels bad man).  Full ’11/12 CBA schedule courtesy of

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  1. Richard Lamontagne says:

    David Harrison is still playing basketball? Is he better than he was?

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