Jamal Crawford Wants To Put “J. Crossover” On His Jersey

Well-known NBA blog The Basketball Jones recently posted an entertaining video in which they ask a few NBA players what they’d change their names to if they ever decided to go the Ron Artest Metta World Peace route.  Various players, such as Nate Robinson, Kevin Durant, and Josh Howard, came up with some pretty interesting answers.  Check it out…

How cool would it be if the NBA actually allowed Kevin Durant to put “Dark Knight” on the back of his jersey? How ’bout Jamal Crawford breakin’ ankles in a “J. Crossover” jersey? That would be [surfer dude from Spongebob]AAAAAAWWWEEESSOOOOME!![/surfer dude from Spongebob]. I really love Crawford’s choice because it’s got a direct connection to his game… that’s why he got the title nod.  You’re the man, Jamal.

Back in the ’70s, the NBA may have actually allowed Crawford to be “J. Crossover.” I don’t see why not… the back of Pete Maravich’s Utah Jazz jersey read “Pistol,” and streetball legend James “Fly” Williams went by his nickname during his time with the ABA’s Spirits of St. Louis…

^That’s got to be one of the coolest jerseys in the history of professional sports. My collection will never be complete without it–as well as a Rasheed Wallace Hawks jersey.

Unfortunately, I realize that what happened in the ’70s will never happen again. Hell, Stern doesn’t even allow headbands to be worn upside down anymore. It could be in the NBA’s best financial interest to allow certain nicknames to be used on the back of jerseys, though. As the interviewer in the video pointed out, “Dark Knight” Durant jerseys would fly off the shelves. I understand that putting “Pistol” on the back of a jersey wouldn’t fly in 2011, and if KD were to execute his Batman plan he’d probably be sued or something, but why not “J. Crossover?” It’s harmless and basketball oriented. Take a minute to mull it over, Stern. You must be tired of thinking about the lockout.  Maybe allowing nickname jerseys would even score you and the owners some points with the players, helping a new CBA agreement to be reached!

Just a few examples to demonstrate how much potential this has/how great it would’ve been over the past decade…

Note to TJ Ford: putting “Jordan” on the back of your shirt won’t help you play like MJ, or even TJ Ford from 5 years ago.  Nice try, but sorry.

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