Gucci Mane Has Ice Cream Cone Tatted On His Face

Southern rap music phenomenon Gucci Mane decided to celebrate his release from the looney bin by having three scoops of an unknown flavor inked on his right cheek…

…maybe they ought to send him back?  I can totally understand Gucci’s love of ice cream, I am a big fan of the stuff myself (mint chocolate chip, mmmm)… but I just don’t understand why he wouldn’t just, I don’t know, go buy a real ice cream cone?  Obviously he’s looking for more attention, and I guarantee he’ll get it.  Congrats Gucci, you’re certainly gonna have err’body lookin’, but for all the wrong reasons. 

So what does this have to do with NBA basketball?  Absolutely nothing… but I wasn’t about to let Gucci think he could get away with this without being given the worst swag rating in –Swag-O-Meter– history. 

Official –Swag-O-Meter– Rating:


A FAIL of the most epic proportions.  The best part is, you know he’s not done yet.  I’m calling a glass of lemonade on the opposite cheek by summer time.  BURR!

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