Ish Smith Jumps Over John Wall, Lands, Blocks Shot (VIDEO)

An hour ago, I’d have confidently bet my entire bank account that Orlando’s Ish Smith wouldn’t make a more athletic play this season than the one he made on Saturday when he dunked on Eric Bledsoe of the Los Angeles Clippers.  Good thing no one offered to wager with me, because I’d have lost.

For the record, Ish is listed at six feet even.  That makes it at least a little impressive any time he blocks a shot, and nothing short of mind-boggling when he jumps over a guy’s head, lands, jump again, does a 180 in midair, and blocks the shot of the guy he just jumped over.  Smith literally did all that in the amount of time it took John Wall to throw a pump fake, wait for the coast to be clear, and shoot a layup.  And John Wall is known for being fast.

Just wait until Wednesday when the Magic head back to Orlando to meet the Pacers.  I have no idea what Ish Smith plans to do, but the current trend in his ridiculousness suggests that it’ll probably be unprecedented.

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