Be Amazed By Ricky Rubio’s Ridiculous Pass vs OKC (VIDEO)

Somehow, I’ve just now caught wind of this unthinkable pass that Ricky Rubio used to hit a cutting Lou Amundson in the latter part of the Wolves’ loss to the Thunder.  I’m not sure how I missed it.  I’d probably given up on Minnesota by the time it happened — as you can see, the outcome of the contest was no longer in question — but still, I monitor Twitter very closely and one would think that one of the 985 basketball-loving people I follow would’ve freaked out over this.

I suppose they’d all given up on the T-Wolves as well.  It’s a shame that it wasn’t Nikola Pekovic rolling to the basket; surely he’d have finished the play, which ought to go down as pass of the year despite Amundson’s laughable layup attempt.

Next time, Lou, just try to hit the glass part of the backboard.  If you can manage to do that you’ll have at least given the ball an off chance to fall into the hole.

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