Tracy McGrady’s CBA Team Protests Officiating By Leaving The Floor Before The End Of A Game

T-Mac’s Chinese saga has nearly reached a level of weirdness paralleled only by that of JR Smith.  McGrady’s Qingdao Eagles are now 19 games into their season, yet they’ve won just twice.  The constant losing has frustrated Qingdao players and fans alike and has led to such drama as debris being hurled onto the floor, McGrady elbowing a player who taunted him, and now, a hell of a protest over some sketchy officiating.

On what was Wednesday morning in the US of A, Tracy’s Eagles fell to the Bayi Rockets by nine, 99-90.  Nothing but another Qingdao loss, one would suppose… but this particular Qingdao loss lasted about 10 minutes longer than it should’ve as their coach apparently ordered his players to vacate the court in protest of a rather obvious shot clock violation that went uncalled.  At the time of the non-call, Qingdao trailed by just three with 1:09 to go, making the officials’ error a crucial one.  Then, when former Dallas Maverick Wang ZhiZhi sunk a momentous three-pointer to give Bayi a two-possession lead, all hell broke loose.   After appearing to throw something on the floor in disgust, the enraged Eagles coach proceeded to send his team to the locker room with 28 seconds to go in the game.

Watch the drama unfold in the video below…

Video via @chernykh.

According to’s account of the event, the Eagles returned to the floor after 10 minutes, but they simply stood there and waited for time to run out.

The saga continues.

UPDATE: After the game, McGrady took to Weibo (Chinese Twitter) to call the CBA’s officials a bunch of blind mice.

UPDATE #2: The CBA has suspended McGrady for one game for his aforementioned criticism of game officials.  This whole situation just keeps getting more and more hysterical.  If I remember correctly, not even JR Smith ever got suspended.

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