Poster of the Day 1/8/11: Favors on Brockman.

Don’t get excited, it’s a winner by default.  This is easily one of the lamest POTDs of the season, but I couldn’t find anything else…


Favors had three or four dunks in this game, but they were all weak sauce.  Come on Derrick, I know you’re better than that, because I just watched this.  Get angry, attack the rim!  Make Jon Brockman regret ever leaving his feet.  Put that fool on SportsCenter.  I don’t care if there’s 17 seconds left and you’re down 50, there were like 756 fans there who paid to see a show.  Give it to ‘em, dammit!  Pops Mensah-Bonsu style!

Dunk rating on the Starbury Nastiness Scale:

5/10 Starbury Nasty Faces.

2010/11 Daily Poster Stats.

Throwback Poster of the Day: A man who has never in his life thrown down a quiet slam…

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