Tracy McGrady Gets Taunted By Chinese Player, Elbows Him

Tracy McGrady’s CBA experience has been a frustrating one.  Although he’s been productive on an individual basis, his Qingdao Eagles are dead last in the standings.  Yet to win a game in six tries, McGrady’s road only got bumpier this morning as Qingdao paid a visit to Beijing, where Stephon Marbury and the reigning-champion Ducks awaited.  The Eagles never stood a chance, losing 114-102 despite T-Mac’s game-high 37 points.  Beijing pulled ahead when they outscored Qingdao 29-14 in the second quarter, presumably the period during which McGrady sat (American starters usually sit the second quarter due to the minutes limit imposed on “import” players).

Fed up with all the losing, T-Mac wasn’t in the mood for shenanigans.  So when Beijing’s Ji Zhe broke out the Mutombo finger wag after connecting on a late three-pointer to put the Ducks up 22, T-Mac hit him with an elbow to the chest that knocked Zhe to the floor.

Based on what I’ve gathered from a translated Sina Sports article, McGrady was not ejected from the game for what Stephon Marbury called “a dirty play.”  Officials don’t go to replay on these sort of things in the CBA, and based on the video it’s unclear whether or not they even saw exactly what happened.

Pretty unwise of Ji Zhe to wag his finger directly in the face of a former NBA All-Star who has been experiencing as much adversity as McGrady.  While I don’t condone violence, those who blatantly taunt others should fully expect retaliation.  At least McGrady didn’t go upside his head a la Metta World Peace.

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  2. Praim Persaud says:

    I think he deserved that elbow – but he should be acting in Chinese film – what a FLOP :) .
    Now despite the loosing streak – I hope eveyone of the TMac DOUBTHERS and DISBELIEVERS in the NBA are watching the highlights of ALL OF THE HIGH LIGHTS – and the HIGH LEVELS he is playing at – I WATCH any games i can get on the internet.

    High or Low skill oponents – he is still flying pass, around, through and over (yes DUNKING over & around them) – - average minutes 37 plus minutes – 2 games over 40 mins – this is the same guy that the freaking NBA Teams said cannot play and must come off the bench while he sist and watches others who cannot even tie his shoe laces play so many minutes and score at a suck crappy level and are referred to as starts and team players.

    Go TMac – GO boy – do all you can – now its up to the TEAM to get you help and your TEAM Mates to STEP UP to the HOOP and PLAY BALL.

    You alone CANNOT carry them they must also carry themselves.

    Thanks CBA for giving him the chance to show the world he is still one of the BEST Basketball players alvie and kicking.

    I wish i could travel to China to see this historical comeback of the games greatest player (yes thats my belief) but i will settle for what i can see on you Tube and the Internet reviews and replay and highlights we get.

    Heep it coming T – everysingle game- and GOD BLESS and KEEP YOU HEALTHY & STRONG – all season long

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