Deron Williams Tries To Dunk On Blake Griffin, Griffin Takes The Ball (VIDEO)

With the score tied up and the first quarter coming to a close, Deron Williams decided he wanted to make a statement.  Rather than dribble the seconds away and settle for a jump shot, Williams elected to take the ball to the rack.  He blew by an unsuspecting Chris Paul with 13 on the shot clock and planted for a leaning, right-handed dunk attempt.  Though his intentions were admirable, the perennial All-Star had bitten off a little more than he could chew.

When Williams planted, so did Ryan Hollins and Blake Griffin.  Hollins had little effect on the attempt, but Griffin rose up highest of all and smothered the basketball with his right hand.  As Deron went crashing to the herringbone floor, Griffin cuffed the rock, reeled it in, and secured possession.  Shades of LaPhonso Ellis and the most disrespectful denial of all-time were enough to draw more than a few loud noises out of me.

Block of the Year contender for sure.

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