Games To Watch, Thanksgiving Week (11/19-11/25)

Tuesday, November 20th: Nets @ Lakers, 10:30 ET, NBATV: There are only three games on tonight, and this one is the obvious choice.  Mike D’Antoni will coach his first game with the Lakers while Dwight Howard and Deron Williams aim to sort out their little spat on the court.  Kobe Bryant has been playing some brilliant basketball, Gerald Wallace is back, and hopefully we’ll see a battle.

Wednesday, November 21st: Clippers @ Thunder, 7:30 ET, ESPN: Twenty-eight teams will be in action on this Thanksgiving eve, but ESPN most certainly has the standout match up.  That’s actually kind of unfortunate (the worldwide leader needs to takes some hints from TNT), but the good news is that there’s 13 other games to choose from if Doris Burke happens to be on duty.

Thursday, November 22nd: NO GAMES: Take a night to watch something other than the NBA (may I suggest the James Bond marathon on SyFy?).  Or hang out with your family, if you’re less sick of them than you are of the boob tube.

Friday, November 23rd: Lakers @ Grizzlies, 8:00 ET, NBALP: You don’t need me to tell you this one ought to be a dogfight.  Being the league’s most popular superpower and hailing from the glamorous City of Los Angeles, the Lakers represent everything that the Grizzlies are not.  It’s grit & grind vs glitz & glam, and you best believe Z-Bo and Tony Allen take that sh!t to heart.  As for Kobe, I think he feeds on the intensity.

Saturday, November 24th: Clippers @ Hawks, 7:00 ET, NBALP: I suggested this match up a few weeks ago and it ended up resulting a low-scoring letdown.  I’m going to give these teams one more chance in hopes that they’ll play a more exciting, high-flying type of game.

Sunday, November 25th: Hornets @ Nuggets, 8:00 ET, NBALP: While this game may not jump out off the schedule, I think it has the potential to be solid.  The Hornets may be 3-5, but they certainly aren’t getting rolled over every night.  They recently hung with a solid Bucks squad, and they beat the Bobcats!  I’m curious to see what’ll happen when JaVale McGee and Anthony Davis meet at the rim.

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