Tracy McGrady Makes Powerful Dunk In Chinese Debut (VIDEO)

Tracy McGrady, who signed a one-year deal with the CBA’s Qingdao Double Star Eagles this offseason, made his exhibition debut today against a team comprised of players from the NBL (National Basketball League, Australia) and the NCAA. McGrady scored 17 points, grabbed 8 rebounds, and dished 6 assists in 29 minutes, according to Sina Sports. Qingdao won the game 93-83, and McGrady highlighted his performance with a baseline drive and one-handed slam…

After the game, McGrady said something to this affect (imperfect translation from the aforementioned Chinese site Sina Sports):

“[I'm jumping] very good, [and] such a slam dunk proves the results of my efforts to train, and also to respond to a lot of people [who] questioned me before, so [to dunk], the feeling is very good! … there will be more dunks!”

Like I said, imperfect translation… but it certainly seems as though McGrady intends to dunk his critics to death. I must say, that’s my kind of method!

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