POTD 11/2/12: Unfortunately, Not Jeff Teague On Marcus Morris

If there isn’t an unwritten rule amongst NBA referees that mandates the swallowing of whistles on monster dunks, then there should be.  Most officials are usually pretty good about giving a dunker the benefit of the doubt on a highlight play, and many will even go as far as to ignore a little boost or a shove with the off arm.  Some people take offense to this lenience, lumping it together with such deplorable officiating practices as the superstar call.  I, however, support the official who turns a blind eye to the restricted area when a man does something as spectacular as take off from the dotted line, or pretends not to notice when Blake Griffin uses his forearm during a Mozgov.  That, to me, is great officiating.  After all, the game is about the players (in the case of the NBA, the most talented in the world).  Let ‘em do their thing, man.

Unfortunately, Sean Wright is one of those NBA officials who blows his whistle strictly in accordance to the book, no matter the situation.  Now, instead of celebrating Jeff Teague’s whale of a one-handed jam (and one of the most epic rim hangs since Shawn Kemp), I’m forced to award Robin f@cking Lopez with an undeserved Poster of the Day.  Great call, Sean Wright!

For your troubles, Jeff Teague:

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