Monday Morning Links, Featuring Steve Nash

Youtube: The Lakers may not have been able to defeat the Summer League/Preseason juggernaut that is the Golden State Warriors, but Steve Nash was most definitely the star of the show.  This morning, Jarrett Jack is still feeling the dizzying effects of his crossover.  Nash made 2 of 3 shots in the game to score 5 points in 14 minutes.

At The Hive: SB Nation’s resident Hornets blog recaps Anthony Davis’s preseason debut.  The fact that Davis’s name only appears twice ought to tell you just about all you need to know (8 points, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks, tried to do too much; did make one nice drive along the baseline, resulting in a foul).

Truth About It: The Washington Wizards have some interesting thoughts on the NBA’s new flopping rules.  If anyone would like to try to explain to me exactly what Martell Webster is attempting to say, be my guest.

Hangtime Blog: Enes Kanter is the best dancer in Utah, and possibly the world.

The Basketball Jones: Jason Terry has been doing absolutely everything in his power to endear himself to Boston sports fans, and now he wants to make sure they actually understand what it is that he’s saying.  Sausage stand dude really needed to “pause” that one comment.

Ball Don’t Lie: Having spent his offseason looking over 7,000 different possessions, Keith Smart estimates that his Sacramento Kings played defense approximately 0.5% of the time.  This means the Kings deserve about 0.5% more credit than I’ve been giving them.

New York Post: Amare Stoudemire will apply the teachings of Hakeem this season.  In the words of Marc Berman, who wrote this article: “Stoudemire didn’t know a single move before the summer. He blames it on being attached to former Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni’s speedball game.”  Damn it, Amare!  What have I told you about practicing post moves?!

DIME: Allen Iverson recently played in an exhibition game against the CBA-champion Beijing Ducks.  The Ducks weren’t ready to see his crossover.

Pro Basketball Talk: David Stern, and I quote, is “not in favor” of putting advertisements on jerseys.  Maybe there’s hope yet!

DIME: My latest fashion column for  Read it and weep, hipsters.

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