Joey Dorsey Receives A Beautiful Pass, Breaks The Backboard

This just in: Joey Dorsey is a large, large man.  Probably even larger than Paul Davis, and apparently large enough to shatter a backboard.  In the day and age of the break-away rim, this is a special feat indeed.

No, Dorsey didn’t obliterate the glass like Darryl Dawkins, nor did he make it rain shards like Darvin Ham.  Still, what he did do is pretty impressive, and I’m sure no man appreciated the powerful finish more than the guard who set the whole thing up with the beautiful wrap-around pass.  After all, there’s absolutely nothing more frustrating than to play Jason Williams and watch your big man pull a Raef Lafrentz.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this won’t be the only backboard Dorsey breaks during his tenure with Olympiacos.  Those Greek League baskets have been taking a beating in the form of 375-pound Sofoklis Schortsanitis for about a decade now, and I think a lot of ‘em are probably about ready to give way.  Dorsey’s forceful dunks are gonna be the straws that break lots of camels’ backs.

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3 Responses to Joey Dorsey Receives A Beautiful Pass, Breaks The Backboard

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  3. antofa says:

    “Those Greek League baskets…” Not to be pedant, but Dorsey broke the backboard during a pre-season friendly game held in Sassari, Italy.

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