DeShawn Stevenson Acts Like DeShawn Stevenson At Orlando Pro-Am

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a DeShawn Stevenson sighting!  Everyone’s favorite LeBron stopper has been pretty low-key since tweeting a photo of the ATM in his kitchen, but Stevenson, now a member of the Atlanta Hawks, has recently been seen/video recorded participating in multiple games at the Orlando Pro-Am League.  Unlike many NBA players who will casually coast through these sort of games, DeShawn appears to relish a rare opportunity to serve as his team’s primary offensive weapon.  Watch as he shows off his handle, slings no-look passes, taunts players from opposing teams, and just generally acts a fool.  Courtesy of

While your shove was completely understandable, number 23, this is why we who will never play basketball against DeShawn Stevenson can’t get enough of DeShawn Stevenson.  What a character.

In all seriousness (not that the rest of this post wasn’t serious, because it was), this video does serve as yet another reminder of just how incredibly talented one must be to make it in the NBA.  On the highest level, Stevenson’s offensive arsenal is quite limited… and that’s a generous assessment.  Playing against these guys, who are certainly much better than your average pickup player (note: Daryl Dorsey of AND1 Mixtape/D-League semi-fame is on Stevenson’s team), Stevenson looks a little somethin’ like a scorer.  A little somethin’ like Michael Jordan, even, eh

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  2. HeDan says:

    Labron stopper??? LMAO, he got credit for stopping LBJ when Lebron left him in the dust only to be met by 1 or 2 7 footers waiting for him in the paint, let’s call it like it was Ok? Stevenson has been bouncing around the league for years now, he can’t play!! But that’s the kind of players the Hawks like, journeymen.

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