Twelve Years Later, Jason Williams Brings Back The Elbow Pass

So apparently Jason Williams, Scottie Pippen, and others have been playing exhibition games in Asia.  It’s almost 2 AM right now and I don’t really have the energy to research this matter, but I had to share with you the return of the legendary elbow pass, an incredible feat of ball handling originally pulled off by young J-Will over the 2000 All-Star Weekend.  Here are both videos of the nearly-identical passes; first 2000, and second the one from a few days ago…

Well I’ll be damned… Scottie Pippen’s out there dunking at age 46.  F@cking Raef LaFrentz couldn’t do it at the age of 23.

In all seriousness, to see the elbow pass finally finished the way it should’ve been all those years ago… that brought a big smile to my face.  What also helped bring that smile to my face was the realization that I haven’t seen this pass from anyone in all of these 12 years.  When you bust a move that ridiculous and no one can even play copycat for over a decade, you’ve done something truly remarkable.

Speaking of things that are truly remarkable, I’m pretty sure Williams threw that ball over his head and into the basket at the end of the second video.

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