Saturday Afternoon Links, Featuring Phil Jackson

New York Times: Phil Jackson never had any interest in coaching the Knicks—not that it really mattered.  It turns out that the Knicks never contacted him… probably for fear of being described as clumsy or flawed.  I suppose that part was inevitable.

SB Nation: This just in: Kendrick Perkins blows.  In other news, the Titanic has struck an iceberg.

Sporting News: One season in Portland was more than enough for Jamal Crawford, who has chosen to avoid certain death by opting out of his contract with the Blazers.  Here’s to hoping he scores 50 with his new team.  That would make him the only person to have done so in four different jerseys, and the answer to my new favorite trivia question.

Rotoworld: Brandon Roy will be playing in a pro-am basketball tournament this weekend.  Rumor has it he hopes to return to the NBA next season.  For the first time in his life, Cheikh Samb is thankful that he’s no longer in the NBA.

Pro Basketball Talk: As you know, Karl Malone is a redneck.  Here he talks about a sheep hunting accomplishment comparable to winning the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup, and the World Series.  My question: does Karl use a gun, or does he kill helpless animals with his elbows?

The Basketball Jones: Why, a Czech magazine figured, photograph Jan Vesely in his Washington Wizards uniform when he could instead be fitted with an actual wizard hat?  I like the way this Czech magazine thinks.

Wages Of Wins: Based solely on statistics, one could claim that Shane Battier is currently a frontrunner for Finals MVP.  This is why it drives me crazy when some nerd tries to turn my favorite game into algebra III.

Sportsrageous: The Nets made a questionable move in trading for Gerald Wallace.  Now that Gerald Wallace has opted out of the final year of his deal, the Nets are in position to make another questionable move in re-signing the soon-to-be 30 year old.  I actually happen to be a big fan of Gerald Wallace (who isn’t?), but… yeah.

Eye On Basketball: The Bobcats would reportedly like to deal their #2 pick to Oklahoma City for James Harden.  Sources say the Bobcats are interested in the magical, revenue-generating powers of Harden’s beard.

Youtube: I can’t seem to come up with anything good to occupy this 10th spot, so here’s an old mix I made that almost no one ever watched.  Enjoy!

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