The #NBA Is Tweeting, Featuring Steve Francis

In this edition of The #NBA Is Tweeting, Qyntel Woods goes on a field trip, Brandon Rush hosts a photo shoot, JR Smith reminisces about his time with the Denver Nuggets, and Steve Francis sets out to sea on the S.S. Franchise.  Also, Clyde Frazier invites you to his restaurant, JaVale McGee adjusts his accent, and Jeff Green goes to Indiana, where he fails to holler at his boy.

Qyntel Woods (@EuroQyn): Enjoying my baby field trip tomorrow I’m geeked!!! Get to play in da fire trucks!!!

Brandon Rush (@KCsFinest4): Dub magazine coming to take pics of the new toy

JR Smith (@TheRealJRSmith): I love NY not going to stunt tho kinda miss being apart of the Nuggets vs Lakers rivalry! #throwback

Anthony Tolliver (@ATolliver44): wow…atlanta wanted to give that game away but boston gift wrapped it right back to them! i still love the playoffs!

Steve Francis (@SteveFranchise3): What you think

Walt Clyde Frazier (@WaltFrazier): Come to Clyde’s Wine and Dine tonight to watch the Knicks cool the Heat! There will be special give aways from the KNICKS! Stop by tonight!

JaVale McGee (@JaValeMcGee34): I’m speaking the queens English from here on out

DJ White(@dj_white3): Crazy that @unclejeffgreen came to Indy and didn’t holla at his boy. SMH

Tony Allen (@aa000G9): Hey lady can u tell me why” I can’t live my lif with out you” I must make u understand” I wannna be your Man”. I love this song”

DeMarre Carroll (@DeMarreCarroll1): For my youngsters… Playing Hard is a TALENT.I’m a livin witness.. #Staypositive #Blessed

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