Nate Robinson’s Face Plant.

Nate Robinson’s an excitable little fella who’s been known to jump on his taller teammates’ backs after big shots.  This past June there was the now famous ”Shrek and Donkey” moment with Big Baby Davis during the Finals.  A few days ago he did it again after a game-winning layup by KG.  Tonight… he wrecked himself:

After failing to make it all the way up on Pierce’s back on his first attempt, little Nate tried to get his ride a second time.  It looks like Pierce kind of shrugged him off, actually, because he was more interested in doing a really queer looking version of “the airplane”.  It probably wasn’t his intention, but P2 damn near left Nate with a boken kneck.

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One Response to Nate Robinson’s Face Plant.

  1. ark says:

    LOL. That was a wrong move by Nate. He should have jumped at Pierce’s back, not at his side. Nate tweeted that Pierce nearly killed him. LOL.

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