Rudy Gay Drops Quote Of The Year During Verbal Spat With Bismack Biyombo

I probably deem seven or eight different remarks “quote of the year” over the course of every NBA season, but I’m usually just being rhetorical.  In this case, I mean it.  Excuse my lateness, but last Friday night, after the Grizzlies escaped with a come-from-behind victory in Charlotte, Rudy Gay was asked what he said to 19-year-old rookie Bismack Biyombo during a fourth-quarter shouting match.  Turns out Rudy is as quick with his wit as he is off the dribble.  Via the Commercial Appeal

“Biyombo told me, ‘This is my house,’” Gay said, smiling afterwards. “I told him, ‘You have 7 wins. It’s everybody’s house.’”

Yep, Rudy smacked that one right out of the park.  Better step your trash talkin’ game up before you get into it with another six-year veteran, Bismack!

I love how the Bobcats are pretty much the basis of all things humorous in the NBA right now.  They may not be good, but they’re serving a purpose.

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