Avery Bradley Ties His Shoe, Doesn’t Stop Playing Defense

Avery Bradley is only 21 years young, but he’s already built a widespread reputation as one of the most tenacious defenders in the NBA.  Earlier this month he earned the highest of praise from Gregg Popovich, who called him “a pain in the ass” after the Spurs edged the Celtics in a hard-fought battle.  On Friday night he showed that he’s also developed into an offensive threat, scoring a career-high 28 points in Atlanta.  Bradley has actually been averaging better than 15 points per game since being made Boston’s starting two guard 17 games ago, but he hasn’t stopped playing his signature brand of aggressive defense.  Not even to tie his shoe.

I hate it when a guy leaves his teammates playing four-on-five ’cause he’s still in the backcourt tying his shoe.  Sneakers need to be secured, obviously, but Bradley proves that such things can be taken care of on the fly.  Way to be, Avery!

It should be noted that Jarrett Jack is still the GOAT in-game shoe tier, though.

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