Sunday Afternoon Links, Featuring Luke Harangody On Saturday the Cleveland Cavaliers recalled Luke Harangody from the D-League to start in place of Antawn Jamison, who was given a night off.  Harangody had the best game of his NBA career, scoring 16 points and grabbing 10 rebounds, but the Cavs sent him right back to the D-League anyway.  Harangody is the Dwight Howard of the D-League, by the way; he’s averaged 19 and 13 since being demoted on March 6th.

Youtube: Lots of great highlights last night.  Alley-oop dunks, stick-back jams, buzzer beaters, shot blocks, etc.  You know it’s a great top 10 when Gerald Green makes it twice.  I don’t approve of how the editors showed no love for Greg Stiemsma, though.

Pro Basketball Talk: Remember that Knicks/Wizards game on Friday night?  The one where the Wiz scored a whopping 65 points?  Yeah, well, Washington actually went over a quarter’s time without scoring a field goal.  I’m not sure what’s more demoralizing; 12 scoreless minutes, or an actual 13-point quarter (they did that too).

The Basketball Jones: I too wonder what kind of open-toed sandals Andray Blatche wears.  Probably really expensive ones, like these $295 Gucci flip flops.

Youtube: Kevin Durant posted an impressive 43-point line on Saturday evening, but at least two thirds of his 15 field goals came on attempts that were completely uncontested.  I’m serious.  Wonder what’s wrong with the T-Wolves no longer.

Yahoo!: Anthony Randolph’s game log for the month of April: 4 points, DNP, DNP, 2 points, 0 points, 28 points, 16 points, 22 points.  I don’t think he’ll be getting that $4 million qualifying offer, but you can’t fault the young man for trying.

Clipper Blog: DeAndre Jordan is shooting over 10% better than Blake Griffin from the charity stripe post-ASB (that’s All-Star break, n00b).  That’s not even the most interesting part of the article, though.  Blake Griffin shoots significantly better from mid-range distance when he’s guarded… probably because he thinks about it for five or six seconds when left alone.  Shoot faster, Blake.

Ball Don’t Lie: Someone rear-ended Zach Randolph’s 2011 Dodge Challenger.  Based on what we’ve all heard about Zach Randolph I’d say the driver of the 2000 Honda CRV should probably watch his back.  On the bright side, at least he didn’t hit one of Zach’s prized, five-figure old schools.  Dude probably would’ve got his ass whooped right there on the spot.

ESPN: Lamar Odom better hope his dramatics make for excellent reality television, because he’s probably cost himself quite a bit of NBA money.

Hoops Grind: Analyzing LeBron’s match up with Carmelo, possession by possession.

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