DeShawn Stevenson Breaks Rajon Rondo’s Ankles

DeShawn Stevenson seldom dribbles.  He takes non-three-point shots just about as infrequently (less than one per game).  I’m not sure what got into him on the following play, but he actually elected to do both.  Watch as DeShawn puts a stellar behind-the-back crossover/step-back move on Rajon Rondo, leaving a nimble set of ankles in need of a fresh tape job…

Please disregard the commentary of Donny Marshall, who attended the Tommy Heinsohn school of Celtic propaganda.  The replay clearly shows that Stevenson never stepped on Rondo’s foot, and if their feet even made contact it was after Rajon’s legs had already begun to crumble beneath him.

DeShawn Stevenson highlights are like a beautiful seventy-degree day in the middle of March.  You get one, maybe two every year if you’re lucky, and you’re sure to enjoy them while they last because you know damn well it’s about to get cold again for quite a while.

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One Response to DeShawn Stevenson Breaks Rajon Rondo’s Ankles

  1. john says:

    This is not a video of Rajon Rondo having his ankles “broke” by Deshawn Stevenson. This is a video of Rondo attempting to sell a foul (Stevenson arguably extended his left arm and pushed off) and the referees seeing through the flop and ultimately not making the call.

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