Wednesday Afternoon Links, Featuring Josh McRoberts

Youtube: Kobe Bryant’s shot-clock-buzzer-beater assured that the Lakers weren’t about to choke a 17-point second-half lead and lose to the Nets at Staples, but it wasn’t half as cool as the game-clock-buzzer-beater that his teammate Josh McRoberts knocked down at the end of the first quarter.  McBob is serious, Stu Lantz.

Hardwood Paroxysm: Jeremy Lin, Gerald Green, and, most recently, Terrence Williams have all used unique opportunities presented to them by this wacky ride we’re calling the 2011/12 NBA season to prove that they belong in the association.  Will Minnesota’s Malcolm Lee be next?  The T-Wolves sure do hope so, seeing as he’s the only healthy point guard they’ve got left.

The Basketball Jones: Things of note, including a metaphorical video of Tyson Chandler passing the ball off of Iman Shumpert’s face.  That happened in the third quarter, while New York was in the lead… but Danny Granger would soon become the ball, and the Knicks became Iman Shumpert’s face.

ESPN: Andrew Bynum’s ankle injury isn’t serious, and he’ll probably play against the Clippers tonight.  However, he’s been fined by the Lakers for “numerous infractions.”  Prior to Tuesday night’s win over the Nets, Bynum hadn’t missed a game due to injury this season.  He has been a bit of a tool, though, hence the fine.

Youtube: JR Smith lacks regard… for Lou Amundson’s ankles, and just in general.  His life should probably be narrated by Kevin Harlan.

Hoops World: Back in December, Gerald Green was let go by multiple teams in different leagues on opposite sides of the world.  A few months later, at least one of those teams wouldn’t mind bringing him back.

CBS Sports: The new old rumor out of Orlando: Dwight Howard still wants Stan Van Gundy fired.  The article references a lot of “sources,” so take it with two or three grains of salt.

Celtics Town: On March 23rd, the Boston Celtics got creamed by the Sixers.  They’ve since won five straight games.  The change?  Avery Bradley in, Ray Allen out.  Now that Allen is about ready to make his return from injury, will Doc Rivers elect to bring him off the bench?  Bradley has averaged nearly 15 points per game during the winning streak, and his defense has helped the Cs hold three of their opponents to fewer than 80 points.

Yahoo!: Michael Redd scored 6 of his 16 points during an 8-2 Phoenix run that took place during the first two minutes of the fourth quarter.  The Suns trailed the Kings by one when the run began, but led by five when it ended and went on to win by nine.  Redd finished the game with a +/- of -5.  Meanwhile, Shannon Brown went 5-14 and turned the ball over 3 times on his way to a +5.  So… why exactly was this stat added to box scores?  Oh yeah, because it helps make blowouts a little funnier.

Liberty Ballers: Andre Iguodala, quote of the year: “It makes no sense to me why so many good scorers can’t defend. Like Lou Williams. He’s one of the toughest guys to guard in the league, but he can’t guard anybody. I don’t get that.”

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