The #NBA Is Tweeting, Featuring Tony Allen

In this edition of The #NBA Is Tweeting, Marcus Thornton reminisces, Derrick Williams seeks out an interracial relationship, Deron Williams meets Bill Clinton, and Tony Allen really, really wants to be verified.  Also, Stephen Jackson breathes in some Texas air, DeMarcus Cousins buys a Porsche, and Chris Kaman finishes his Lego truck.

Marcus Thornton (OfficialMT23): Watching these highlights on NBATV tripping out to go from growing up in BR to having nicknames in the NBA dream come true #blessed

Derrick Williams(@RealDwill7): Girl we the same color when the lights outtttt

Zaza Pachulia (‏@zaza27): RT @jasoncollins34:What about @zaza27 career high in assists!!! Crazy skills. (call me Zaza Rubio big J:)))))

Tony Allen (@aa000G9): How do get verified!!

Tony Allen (@aa000G9): @Support. Hello I’m trying 2. Get verified please,, help

Tony Allen (@aa000G9): @twitter. Trying 2 get verified!!

Deron Williams (@DeronWilliams): Had the pleasure of meeting President Clinton this evening, while celebrating with good a friend Artie Rabin

Chris Kaman (@ChrisKaman): Owow as in I finally got this Lego set built!!!!!!

DeMarcus Cousins (@boogiecousins): My new baby

Stephen Jackson (@DaTrillStak5): Feels good to breathe this Texas air. Glad to be home.

The fact that Stephen Jackson has something in common with Hank Hill is one of the most awesome things ever.

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    I’m happy to read your blog

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