The #NBA Is Tweeting, Featuring Iman Shumpert

In this edition of The #NBA Is Tweeting, Jason Thompson goes bowling, Jarrett Jack buys himself a Rolex, Larry Hughes tries to get philosophical, and Iman Shumpert goes to the dentist.  Also, Marvin Williams tries to get with the times, Renaldo Balkman eats some pizza, Lance Stephenson brags about his defense, and more…

Jason Thompson (@jtthekid): Out Bowling wit @dontegreeneCOS @TyrekeEvans n the Crew!!!!

Lance Stephenson (@StephensonLance): Couldn’t get it on offense today but on defense I was locking up. Big win for the Pacers. Let go Pacers

Renaldo Balkman (@R_Balkman32): Pizza 4 dinner

Iman Shumpert (@I_Am_Iman):
Gnite Knicks Fans…I gotta force this sleep…3games in 3 nights got me aching…still #NYKallday

Iman Shumpert (@I_Am_Iman): At the dentist…they tell u not to put metal objects in ur mouth (pause) and then that’s the first thing the do when u sit down…smh

Kenyon Martin (@_KenyonMartin): It was a great 7 years in Denver! Thanks to all the True Kenyon Martin fans!!! Love you all! Time to move on

Lou Williams (@TeamLou23): Philadelphia is in the Lingerie Bowl.. Lol #justthoughtishouldmention

Jarrett Jack (@Jarrettjack03): Gift to myself lil presidential roley

Marvin Williams (@_Marvinwilliams): Shout out to everybody in the twitter world. Be patient witcha boy. I’m taking baby steps. Lol

Larry Hughes (@thereallhughes): Everyone has an opinion but few can make a point…….

My opinion is that you should follow your favorite NBA blog on Twitter @NBA247OFFICIAL.  My point is that you should follow your favorite NBA blog on Twitter @NBA247OFFICIAL.  Am I doing it right, Larry?

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2 Responses to The #NBA Is Tweeting, Featuring Iman Shumpert

  1. WOW!! twitter is the coolest. Finally i can know what renaldo balkman is eating for dinner!!!! no mug

    • KAng says:

      it best, do you fools lsiten to music, or do you just skim through it? Have you paid attention NY Knick’s draft picks in past 7 8 years to bring up Renaldo Balkman but leave out names like Wilson Chandler, DANILO GALLINARI, Channing Frye, and many others!!! This type of negative outlook and energy is what mad NY FANS have such a bad team for past 10 years You don’t know anything about Iman Shumpert (obviously), but 1 thing I will tell you is HE WILL NOT BE A BUST! Please if you rep NY , rep it right! Junior Don -

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