Jazz Crush Clippers, Put On Humiliating Dunking Exhibition

I tune into every Clipper game for one reason and one reason only: to be entertained.  I’ve come away disappointed more often than I expected to this season, and tonight’s game looked to be developing into another letdown.  Good thing I stuck around for garbage time, because Utah’s bench, led by Earl “The Pearl” Watson, Jeremy “Pogo Stick” Evans, and Jamaal……Tinsley, saved the day.  In the video below you will see over two and a half minutes of highlights that just get better and better, and they’re all from a single quarter–the fourth and final one.

I have a funny feeling there was a little bias involved in that poll, but there’s no f@cking doubt that Jeremy Evans was the league’s premier dunker on this night.  He’s also responsible for the dunk of the year to this point.  One of my Jazz people over at the InsideHoops forums told me Evans said he’s jumped over a Camaro, and is hoping to participate in the dunk contest.  He ought to submit this video to whoever it is that makes those decisions.  I don’t think anyone in their right mind could watch it and tell him “no.”

Utah ended up taking it by 29, 108-79.  That Jamaal Tinsley bucket was his first of the season, and the 9 points Evans posted were just 3 fewer than he’d scored all season.  A feel-good night for the Utah Jazz, who have won eight of their last nine, and a feel-good night for an NBA enthusiast.  Sometimes a good old fashioned walloping is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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5 Responses to Jazz Crush Clippers, Put On Humiliating Dunking Exhibition

  1. Arne says:

    In want Parsons and Evans in the dunk contest.

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