Tyler Hansbrough Sports Protective Eyewear In Practice

The Indiana Pacers weren’t one of the 22 NBA teams in action last night, but that didn’t keep Tyler Hansbrough from drawing a little attention to himself… not that he was trying to.  Hansbrough was poked in the eye during Indiana’s Granger-less loss to the Sixers on Monday evening, forcing him to wear a pair of goggles during yesterday’s practice.  I would call them specs, but don’t those look like goggles one would wear into the swimming pool?  They definitely don’t look like something that should be worn to play basketball, and especially not in conjunction with a yellow headband.  They also appear to be a tad small… or maybe he’s just wearing them incorrectly.  Either way, it wasn’t a good look.

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I suppose the big question here is whether or not Hansbrough will be taking this look to the court tonight against Atlanta.  During the game in which he was smacked across the face Philly’s commentators reported that he hadn’t suffered any serious injury to his eye, so I’m kind of doubtful, but maybe he’ll sport the goggles as a precautionary measure.  For the sake of swag, I hope he doesn’t.  For the sake of humer, I hope he does.  A true conflict of interests is what we have here.

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