Signings, Trades, And Rumors: Tuesday, December 13th

Here we go again!  Updating all day, as always.  To read about what’s gone down over the past few days, click here, here, here, and here.


Marco Belinelli, NOH, RFA: Marco has signed a $3.4 million qualifying offer from the Hornets.

Kwame Brown, CHA, UFA: The Bobcats were right; Kwame became too expensive.  Brown will head back to California to ball with the Dubs–on a $7 million deal.  For how many years, you ask?  One.

DeMarre Carroll, HOU, UFA: Carroll has been signed by the Denver Nuggets.  Their camp roster, which I believe started out with 7 players, is up to 12.

Gary Forbes, DEN, RFA: Gary Forbes will be a Toronto Craptor this season.  The Nuggets did not match T.Dot’s offer.

Marc Gasol, MEM, RFA: The Grizzlies have retained their young center by re-signing him to a four-year, $57 million deal.  Considering what other big men have been paid, this isn’t bad at all.

Gerald Green, —, UFA: Gerald Green has officially signed a non-guaranteed deal with the Lakers.

Prince Luc Richard Mbah A Moute, MIL, RFA: The Bucks have matched Denver’s offer and hang on to their young forward.

Josh McRoberts, IND, UFA: The Lakers will utilize the new mini mid-level to sign McBob for two years.

Nene, DEN, UFA: Nene will be back in Denver at about $13.4 million a year for the next five seasons.  Not sure I like the idea… but that’s what it is.

Ronnie Price, UTA, UFA: Price will sign for one year in Phoenix.


Rudy Fernandez, DAL: Rudy has solved his visa problems and will be flying to the States to join the Mavericks–er… Nuggets?  It seems that Rudy was already whining about playing for Dallas now that they’ve signed Vince Carter and Delonte West, so they shipped him, along with Corey Brewer, to Denver for a draft pick.

Lazar Hayward, MIN: The T-Wolves have traded Lazar Hayward to the Thunder for a couple of draft picks.


Kobe Bryant, LAL: If you’re in need of further evidence to come to the conclusion that Kobe Bryant will always be a d-bag, here it is.  I’m not sure why he feels the need to continuously call Smush Parker a “bum.”  I guess it must make him feel better about those down years between Shaq and Gasol.  It’s that whole “oh poor me, look at these terrible players I had to carry on my back” thing, and that sh!t’s an absolute JOKE coming out of Bryant’s mouth.  You asked for that, Kobe, and the Lakers gave it to you… just like they’ve always given you every single thing you’ve asked for.  Your situation has been one of the most fortunate in the league’s history.  Stop b!tching because you had to play a couple seasons with Smush Parker.  I repeat, you asked for that.

Derrick Caracter, LAL: Caracter suffered a knee injury in yesterday’s practiceIt’s been diagnosed as a torn meniscus.  This type of injury usually requires surgery and involves a month or two of recovery time.

Jamal Crawford, ATL, UFA: The Pacers offered Jamal a two-year, $10 million deal with a player option on the second seasonHe turned it down.  He’s now weighing offers from Portland, Sacramento, and NYK.  I’m thinking his heart is probably saying New York but his bank roll is screaming SACRAMENTO!

Eddy Curry, MIA: EC is already missing practices.  Not a good sign.

Eric Gordon, LAC: Gordon and the Clippers are working on a contract extension that would keep Gordon from becoming a restricted free agent next summer.

Jeff Green, BOS: There’s no “RFA” next to Green’s name anymore because he officially signed a one-year, $9 million deal with the Cs a few days ago.  He’s been mysteriously absent from training camp, though.  Apparently this is due to an undisclosed medical issue that came up during a physical.

Dwight Howard, ORL: Dwight only wants to be in one of four places for the long run.  Orlando is a possibility.

Josh Howard, WAS, UFA: Washington and Utah have shown the most interest in J-Ho.

Andrei Kirilenko, UTA, UFA: AK47 is seeking a deal in the neighborhood of three-years, $27 million.  The Jazz are reportedly not interested at that price, and neither is New Jersey.  The Kings might be, though.  AK is still playing in Euroleague at the moment.

OJ Mayo, MEM: That Mayo to Indiana deal that Tony Allen prematurely leaked via Twitter is DEAD.  I’m going to have to add a damn “non-trades” section for all of these cancelled deals.

Chris Paul, NOH: The Lakers are back in the hunt, say Marc Stein.  Oh, and remember Dan Gilbert’s angry e-mailSteve Kerr thinks he needs to get over it.  Preach, Steve!

Rajon Rondo, BOS: By now you’ve surely heard some rumors about the difficulty Boston has had in dealing with Rajon Rondo off the court.  Well, apparently he has a tendency to get a little worked up over things, as you would expect from a guy who was raised by Kevin Garnett.

Josh Smith, ATL: Supposedly, the Hawks will get a new and improved (and entusiastic!) Josh Smith this season.

Reggie Williams, GSW, UFA: The Craptors, Rockets, Bobcraps, and Blazers are all after Reggie Williams.

Nick Young, WAS, RFA: Wondering why you haven’t heard anything about Nick Young?  That’s because he’s trying to wait out the madness before he signs his qualifying offer in hopes of being offered a bigger deal.  How much longer is he willing to wait?  Only he knows the answer to that question.  The qualifying offer the Wizards have extended his way is worth $3.7 million for the upcoming season.

Last updated: 10:11 PM ET, 12/13

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4 Responses to Signings, Trades, And Rumors: Tuesday, December 13th

  1. Carter says:

    This is why Kobe trashes Smush –

    seems deserved to me. You KNOW Kobe has seen/heard about that, it’s not like he’s trashing Chris Mihm or anyone so I highly doubt it’s for the ‘oh look what i had to go through for two years’ argument

    • Stephen Coston says:

      He’s trashed Kwame Brown on a few occasions. What did he do? Kobe will always have a little d-bag in him; fact.

  2. Cris says:

    seems deserved to me. You KNOW Kobe has seen/heard about that, it’s not like he’s trashing Chris Mihm or anyone so I highly doubt it’s for the ‘oh look what i had to go through for two years’ argument

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