Signings, Trades, And Rumors: Monday, December 12th


Updating all day, as usual.  To read about what has happened over the past few days, click here, here, and here.


JJ Barea, DAL, UFA: The Minnesota Timberwolves have inked Barea to a four-year deal worth about $19 million.  David Kahn continues to love him some PGs.

Brian Cardinal, DAL, UFA: The Mavericks will bring The Custodian back to make another run at the title.

Vince Carter, PHX, UFA: Vince Carter has officially signed with the Dallas Mavericks.

Marc Gasol, MEM, RFA: Marc Gasol says via Twitter that he’ll be back with the Grizzlies.  He’ll be signing a four-year deal worth about $58 million.

JaJuan Johnson, BOS: The Celtics have signed both of their draft picks, JaJuan Johnson and E-Twaun Moore.  I don’t know a whole lot about them as players, but they’ve got some great names.

DeAndre Jordan, LAC, RFA: The Clippers have matched Golden State’s four-year, $42.7 million offer in order to retain DeAndre Jordan

Brian Scalabrine, CHI, UFA: The Bulls will bring back bench-warmer Brian Scalabrine to wave his towel for another season (maybe, the deal in not guaranteed).

Mike Sweetney, —, UFA: The Celtics have once again brought in Mike Sweetney for training camp.  He probably won’t make the team, but he’ll make for an interesting sight in preseason games.  Last I saw him in was a D-League game in the spring.  He had to weigh well over 400 pounds.

Delonte West, BOS, UFA: The Mavericks will be signing Delonte West to a one-year deal.  Another solid move by the defending Champs.


OJ Mayo, MEM: As confirmed by Tony Allen, OJ Mayo has been traded to the Pacers for Josh McRoberts and Brandon Rush–or maybe not?  According to Rotoworld, Tony’s tweet may have been premature.  I’m not sure if this deal has already gone down, is about to go down, or will not be going down at all.


Chauncey Billups, NYK, UFA: The Nets did NOT put in a bid on Chauncey BillupsThe Clippers did, though.  Chauncey wanted to be a free agent so badly that he aimed threats at teams like the Clippers, saying that he’s capable of being as much of a problem as he is a leader.  This should be interesting.  For those of you who are thinking the Clipps did this to add him to a trade package, sorry, but that’s not happening.  Billups can’t be traded until July.  If the Clipps feel the need to get rid of Chauncey before then they are allowed to waive him.

Tyson Chandler, NYK: Tyson spent the majority of his offseason at the tattoo parlor.

Eddy Curry, MIA: Here’s a media day photo of Eddy looking relatively fit in his new Heat uniform.  I’m very curious to see how this expiriment works out, mostly because I actually liked Eddy back in the day.  The Knicks sucked, but I had a blast watching them that one year where Curry scored about 20 PPG.  So, if you ever start to wonder why I care about Eddy Curry so much, it’s because every time I see him in a basketball jersey it takes me back to my favorite years.  That won’t keep me from cracking jokes at his expense, though.  Sorry, Ed… easy target I guess.

Baron Davis, CLE: The Baron has flown out of Cleveland to have his back looked at.  The Cavaliers have until Friday to decide whether or not they want to keep him.  There’s speculation that he’ll become a Knick if released.

Dwight Howard, ORL: It may be a PR move, but Dwight Howard seems to have done a 180 this morning.  He’s now saying that he’d prefer to remain in Orlando if certain moves can be made.  I’m not sure he really knows what he wants.  One of the moves Dwight wants to see made is the signing of Chauncey Billups.  That just got a little more difficult with Billups being claimed off of waivers by the Clippers.

Chris Paul, NOH: A deal that would send Chris Paul to the Clippers has been reported to be alive, dead, alive again, still dead… well now, according to Marc Stein, it’s been brought back from the dead yet again.

James Posey, Pacers: Remember James Posey?  He was last relevent in 2008 when he helped the Celtics win a title.  Now he’s being amnestied by the Pacemakers.  He will still be payed the $7 million he is owed for this season, but it won’t count against the cap for Indiana.  Posey is a guy who may not receive any bids from under-the-cap teams, so he could end up with a contender.  A return to Boston or Miami at the vet’s minimum, maybe?

Bonzi Wells, —, UFA: Bonzi, who is currently at T-Wolves training camp, admits that he used to be a “butt-hole,” but claims that his exit from the NBA has changed him as a person.  If he proves that this is true (and that he’s still got some game)… maybe he makes the team?  Who knows.

Mo Williams, LAC: Word is that Mo Williams could be amnestied now that the Clippers have acquired Chauncey Billups.  Hasn’t happened yet, though.

Last updated at 10:27 PM ET, 12/12.

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