Signings, Trades, And Rumors: Saturday, December 10th

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Mike Bibby, MIA, UFA: Bibby will sign with the Knicks on Sunday for one year at the vet’s minimum.

Rasual Butler, CHI, UFA: The Toronto Raptors have made another low-key move by bringing in Rasual Butler.  Rasual is a personal favorite of mine for hitting a game-winning three-pointer in the most epic game of NBA Live 2007 ever played.  You reading this, Nick? 

Anthony Carter, NYK, UFA: The Craptors have enlisted Anthony Carter to help them win the top pick of next summer’s draft.

Tyson Chandler, DAL, UFA: Tyson Chandler has joined the Knicks via sign and trade.  The Mavs get Andy Rautins and a large trade exception, which I believe is worth about $11 million.  Rautins will be waived.

Eddy Curry, —, UFA: Looks like Miami’s Eddy Curry signing has been made official.  I’m very curious to see how this works out.  I have no doubt that Curry can still score in the post, but can he step other aspects of his game up?  He’ll have to if he wants to get minutes with a great team.  I’ll give him this: he appears to be in shape.  That’s the first step.

Gary Forbes, DEN, RFA: The Craptors have signed Forbes to an offer sheet.  The Nuggets can match if they wish.  I think they may due to the fact that they could use a few players.

Aaron Gray, NOH, UFA: The Raptors will sign Aaron Gray to a one-year deal.  Toronto suddenly has two of the widest bodies in the league in Gray and Magloire.

Jeff Green, BOS, RFA: The Celtics have officially re-signed Green.  His deal is for one year at about $9 million.

Spencer Hawes, PHI, RFA: Hawes will sign a one-year qualifying offer with the Sixers.

DeAndre Jordan, LAC, RFA: As has been reported over the fast couple of days, The Warriors will offer Jordan four years, $40 mil.  If the Clippers haven’t matched this already then they’re damn fools.

Kawhi Lenard, SAS: The Spurs have signed rookie Kawhi Leonard to a deal that will pay him about $1.2 million this season.

Prince Luc Richard Mbah A Moute, MIL, RFA: The Nuggets have offered Mbah A Moute a four-year deal that would pay him about $19 million.  The Bucks will have a chance to match, and it looks like they will.

Jeremy Pargo, EUR, UFA: The Memphis Grizzlies have signed Jeremy Pargo to a two-year deal.  He is Jannero Pargo’s brother. 

Jason Richardson, ORL, UFA: J-Rich will re-sign with the Magic for four years.  The deal is worth $25 million.  I guess Orlando must be thinking they’ve got a shot at retaining Howard, because signing a 31 year old to a four-year, $25 million deal doesn’t make much sense otherwise.

Josh Selby, MEM: The Grizzlies have signed their first-round pick, Josh Selby, to a multi-year deal.

Jermaine Taylor, SAC, UFA: Jermaine Taylor’s signing with Houston has hit a snag: he failed his physical.  He’s expected to take another one and sign in a few weeks, though.

Isiah Thomas, SAC: The Kings have signed the final pick of the 2011 draft to a three-year deal.

Jamaal Tinsley, D-League: Tinsley has officially been signed by the Jazz.  I’m assuming it’s a one-year vet’s minimum deal, but I don’t know that for a fact.

Damien Wilkins, ATL, UFA: The Pistons have signed Damien Wilkins.


Lamar Odom, LAL: The trade that would’ve sent Lamar Odom to New Orleans as part of a package for Chris Paul has fallen apart.  However, it doesn’t look like Odom will be a Laker, as LA plans to send him to Dallas for a trade exception.  The Lakers will almost certainly use that trade exception to try to acquire Paul or Howard.  From a Mavericks perspective, they basically traded Tyson Chandler for Lamar Odom.  Chandler was a great fit and Lamar won’t replace what he brought to the table, but Odom is a far and away more talented basketball player.

Mickael Pietrus, PHX: Pietrus will NOT be traded to the Raptors.  The deal is off due to concerns about his knee.  He will return to Phoenix where their famed team doctors will turn him into a Titan.


JJ Barea, DAL, UFA: The Knicks and Timberwolves are reportedly pursuing JJ Barea.

Chauncey Billups, NYK: Billups has officially been waived by the Knicks, and he’s a bit pissed off about the whole situation.  He wanted to stay in New York, and before that he wanted to stay in Denver.  On top of that, he doesn’t get to choose his next destination.  Players who are amnestied don’t become unrestricted free agents unless no team under the salary cap places a bid on them.  For a player of Chauncey’s caliber this is obviously not a likely scenario.  He’s doing everything he can to scare bad teams away, though.

Jamal Crawford, ATL, UFA: The Knicks have acquired Tyson Chandler, and now they’re after Jamal Crawford.  He could earn a lot more money elsewhere, but he’s a former Knick who’s reportedly interested in playing for them again.

Samuel Dalembert, SAC, UFA: The Mavericks may be trying to pull off a sign and trade to bring Dalembert in as Chandler’s replacement.  The Mavs should probably do some research on Dumblembert before pulling the trigger on this one… I think Haywood, who’s already on their bench, is a better option.  It seems that Dallas’s objective is to get Dalembert on a one-year deal so they still have cap space to pursue Howard in the summer.  Sacramento may want Mavs free agent JJ Barea in return.

Reggie Evans, TOR, UFA: The Blazers are interested in bringing in Reggie Evans, but not for the MLE, which is what he’s looking for.

Kevin Garnett, BOS: Doc Rivers plans to play Kevin Garnett primarilly at the center position this season

Rip Hamilton, DET, UFA: Hamilton has been bought out by the Pistons and is now a primary target of the Chicago Bulls.  I think the Bulls should first try to land someone who is more proficient in creating his own shot.

Dwight Howard, ORL: Last night, Dwight’s agent was given permission to talk to three teams about a possible trade.  Today, Otis Smith told the Orlando Sentinal that Howard has requested to be traded.  We all knew it was coming sooner or later.  Still, Smith says he’d like to keep Howard.  Adrian Wojnarowski reports Dwight’s preferred destination is New Jersey.  According to David Aldridge, the Nets won’t be able to get it done without the involvement of a third team.

Josh Howard, WAS, UFA: Utah has made an offer to Josh Howard.  He hasn’t yet accepted and will continue to weigh his options.

Amir Johnson, TOR: Amir must’ve taken notice of the kind of money that being a defensive game changer earned for Tyson Chandler.  All of a sudden he wants to be the defensive player of the year.  That’s an awfully lofty goal, especially considering who he plays next to.  Amir has put on about 20 pounds since the end of last season, which he (jokingly) attributes to “drinking Canadian brew.”

Nene, DEN, UFA: The Nets have offered Nene a four-year deal in the neighborhood of $65 million.  As if $16 million a year wasn’t enough, the Nets have reportedly raised their offer to $70 million, meaning he’d make over $17 million per season.  With no competitor reported to be offering even $65 million, I’m not sure why they upped their offer.  Nene is set to become one of the most overpaid players… probably in the history of the game.  The report that the offer has been raised to $70 million is now being disputed by, who says it remains at about $65 million over four years.

Chris Paul, NOH: A new, modified deal that would land CP in LA was submitted to the league, but Marc Stein is reporting that the Lakers have pulled out, and Adrian Wojnarowski says the deal simply “fell apart.”  Lakers going after Dwight instead?  League sources say so.

Metta World Peace, LAL: The man formerly known as Ron Artest admits he’s out of shape.

Bonzi Wells, —, UFA: Bonzi scored an invite to Minnesota’s training camp.  He’s 35 years old and last played in the NBA in 2008.  He’s played in China and Europe since then.

David West, NOH, UFA: The Celtics and Hornets are working to finalize a sign and trade that will send West to Boston on a three-year deal worth about $27 million or so.  Jemaine O’Neal and another player will probably be going to New Orleans.  The CP trade that got vetoed may be the reason why this one isn’t done yetCeltic rookies E’twan Moore and JaJuan Johnson may be sent to the Hornets in this deal.  If the Celtics are unable to complete this deal the Pacers will make a move on West.

Last updated: 2:39 AM, 12/11.

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